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JUNIPER AND JULES coming to Vault Festival 2019 23rd - 29th January


Book here https://vaultfestival.com/whats-on/juniper-and-jules/ 




JUniper has liked girls, (only girls), for as long as she can remember.

Jules didn’t realiSe she could like girls because no-one ever told her it was an option.  

After meeting at a loud and boring party, Juniper and Jules soon fall in lust and in love.

Jules isn’t naturally monogamous, she doesn’t think. She’s always liked to be different, and different for her, not different for everyone else. She wants to make new rules. Juniper is more interested in peace and quiet and happiness (and making sure the washing-up gets done by bedtime.)

The two soon decide to explore the possibilities and challenges of polyamory.


A play about what it means to fall in love, fall out of love and how we can choose to fall back in love, again.

A play about identities and new possibilities.

A play about how we lust, love, laugh, bicker and care for each other.

A play about making new rules. 

A play exploring what it means to be an LGBTQ women.

A play exploring bisexuality and polyamory.  


MARCH 18TH AND 19TH 2018