"JOY" BY STEPHANIE MARTIN Theatre Royal STratford East 


“an irrepressible, swaggering spirit that sweeps you along with it and leaves you glowing” The Times

“engaging and thought-provoking” The Stage

“glows with easy affection” “there’s a delicate tenderness” Time Out

"a frank and uninhibited discussion of female sexuality.Thought Provoking and challenging" Saoirse Anton- The reviews hub

“a whopping great heart in exactly the right place” “Imogen Roberts is enchanting“  The Daily Mail

“Joy is a real Joy” and “the authenticity is disarming” A Younger Theatre


Bridle by Stephanie Martin 

"What makes the script so great is its directness. Martin does not shy away.. She voices what we all think, but rarely voice to others, even to our closest friends. Such honesty is refreshing – we bond with her as she confides in us. the play feels intimate and confessional."

Sophie Nevrkla - Plays to see 


"Through Evie’s revelations the audience questions where social ideas of ‘normal’ stem from – it lays bare the judgements we are all constantly either making, or are open to, without declaring what the verdict ought to be. In fact go see for yourself what an UN-Bridled woman has to say."

Joanna Hinson - The Spy in the Stalls 

 "brave, honest and unapologetic." molly Hanson - show me shows LondoN

"JoY" a new play by Stephanie martin

directed by melanie fullbrook

Design by Carla goodman

dramaturg and associate Stephen Unwin 

Gerry's Theatre Royal Stratford EAst 

Music by calista Robertson 

photography (c) oliver marsden smith 

Rachel Bright as "Mary" and Imogen Roberts as "Joy"